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waitingonastar said: Welcome to the world of 22 year olds! Darcy gets a tattoo, various avengers and co react.


Most people go to foreign countries for a week and come back with cheep little knickknacks for their friends and family. Darcy went to a foreign plant for a month and came back with a tattoo.

It was a large piece, covering most of her back, done in full jewel toned color, and made to look like a stained glass window. Lady Frigga had helped Darcy design it and then personally ‘wove it into Darcy’s skin’. (Darcy assumed there was magic involved and didn’t ask questions, her sanity was safer that way.)

The piece was in the shape of Steve’s shield from his chorus girl days, with a boarder of white stars, red hourglasses, and blue circles. The actual picture was breath taking: a large oak style tree on a hill with the New York sky line in the background a foreground filled with animals. Animals that represented her friends.

In the tree there was a falcon and an eagle on one side of the trunk, and a hawk on the other. A spiderweb connected the branch of the hawk’s perch with the trunk, and a delicate spider could be seen hanging from a strand of web. Directly beneath the falcon and eagle was the profile of a bear, leaning against the tree seemingly asleep. In front of the tree’s base was a giant blonde mastiff with a red fox in it’s fore paws; the fox was gazing upwards at the stars. At an angle, close to the shield’s edge, were a cocker spaniel and a jack russel terrier, also fast asleep. In the last open space, below the hawk and spider, was a large husky with one metal paw placed soundly on the tail of a red panda. The panda was straining towards the trunk of the tree, obviously intending to climb it. The husky was gazing up through the spiderweb, directly at the eagle.

Needless to say, Darcy loved her tattoo (along with the lack of pain and recovery time that would have been necessary had she had it done on earth) and took to wearing backless Asgardian gowns to show it off. Jane fretted over it immediately when she saw it, mostly because she was curious about how they managed to get the colors that rich and what they used instead of needles - oh don’t look at me like that Darcy, you hate needles, you wouldn’t have gone through with it had there been needles involved.

Thor was honored to have earned a place on Darcy’s skin. His representation sat just over her spine and he thought it a fitting that he protect her back. (It was at that point Frigga smiled in a way that made Darcy redirect the subject; she had figured there was more to the tattoo then just being a tattoo and was firm in her ‘I do not want to know’ stance on the subject).

The reactions of the rest of the Avengers once they found out was a little more varied. 

Tony was indignant about his likeness for awhile, but he traced the piece’s boarder of the tattoo several times after Darcy let him touch it. He stopped over the blue circles that were located in the corners of the shield and never said a word about them.

(A few days later, Darcy found a bunch of special order shirts on her bed. They were all backless or shear or something similar with built in bras. They allowed her to show off her tattoo without obstruction and she adored them.)

Pepper was shocked, more so by her inclusion then her representation. Darcy and her weren’t overly close, more ‘room mates who worked different schedules’ then close friends. But after she saw the tattoo, Pepper started bringing her paperwork out of her office and camping out with Darcy on the couch when she could. It wasn’t long until the two were actually close friends.

Bruce only raised an eyebrow and shook his head at the tattoo. And then remarked about the needle thing.

Steve gave Darcy a look the first time he saw the tattoo and she just shrugged at him. He never commented, but Darcy found a sketch book full of comics about the Animal!Vengers on her desk shortly before her birthday. The red panda spent a lot of time on the back of the husky and being carted around by the eagle. 

Natasha was unimpressed with the tattoo at first, and tried to toss out all of Darcy’s new shirts that showed it off. She was concerned about someone else drawing the obvious conclusions about how close she was to the Avengers. But then some quiet words in Russian from Thor made her quiet down.

Clint wanted to know why there was so much purple in his representation’s plumage. Otherwise he never said anything either. Or at least he didn’t while he was sober. Darcy could clearly remember the archer sneaking up on her while he was drunk and running a thumb over the tattoo. He didn’t comment in English, and Darcy didn’t have the heart to ask JARVIS to translate. So, she didn’t really know what he thought.

Sam was touched. He was the last to see it, because he spent so much time in DC. When he asked why he was included, Darcy said she needed something to balance the picture and he fit well in that role. That was his job after all, making sure the rest of them stayed sane. He made her hot cocoa as thank you.

Bucky was touched by the tattoo as well. The spot where his representation sat was more often then not where his hand landed when he tossed his arm around her shoulders. He spent nights just running his fingers over the skin his likeness was permanently left on.


will do anything for foood

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Amy Poehler’s reaction to Chris Pratt’s surprise package is priceless.

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puffer fish are so cute when they arent inflated they just look like theyre smiling all the time aw




I’m sorry, that was mean. I just wanted to see what you’d do.

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Guardians is finally out!! Her’e a fan art I made after the first trailer came out and melted my mind. 


Guardians is finally out!! Her’e a fan art I made after the first trailer came out and melted my mind. 

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"…I don’t understand what’s going on. I walk the street in New York feeling like I’m Paul Rudd or something, but apparently no one else sees it that way." 

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